How to copy iPod playlist?


copy iPod playlistIf you happenly want to copy iPod playlist, I suggest this iPod playlist copy software which can transfer video files from iPod to iPod, iPod to computer, and iPod to iTune with high speed and very good quality just by drag-and-drop.

What's more, this iPod playlist copy software also allow you to mange your iPod as a hard disk, with the search function it offered you can search the files you want quickly and easily, just have try, you will finish copying iPod playlist with egregious speed.


Key Features of iPod Playlist Copy Software

With iPod playlist copy software, you are able to mange the iPod files on any computer.

The iPod playlist copy software can not only transfer videos and audios between iPod and iPod/computer/iTune, but can also manage it as a hard disk.

You are allowed to create, rename or delete a playlist to manage your iPod music and video files .
The iPod playlist copy software can provide you with search function with which you can search what you want quickly and convienently.

The most beneficial feature of this iPod playlist copy software is that it can finish its transfering with much faster speed than any other transfer.

For your convenience, the iPod videos and music can be played with system default player from right-click menu in interface of this iPod transfer software.